mass media based on the electronic delivery of moving images and sound from a source to a receiver.


a method of photographing successive drawings, models or even puppets, to create an illusion of movement in a sequence.


UAVs are primarily used to gather intelligence and provide a surveillance and reconnaissance function for the armed forces. Only a handful of systems are capable of carrying weapons. The only armed UAV by the UK Armed Forces is the Reaper and it is only used in Afghanistan.

Remotely piloted aircraft operate on the same rules of engagement as manned aircraft. However the growth in the use of armed UAVs, particularly by the United States raises a number of moral, ethical and legal issues.


The web does make up a large portion of the internet but they are not one and same.

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In a modern classroom

students go at their own pace. They dont move onto the next lesson simply because it's time or because they completed the requisite work. They move on when they have mastered the concept and are ready to build on that skill.

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JBL audio tommy artsy

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jay z is white

In myself a devout man God will see

A terrorist could never become me

I believe that all-man should be free

Also i enjoy watching Fox News on TV.

I am white.

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